It’s Your Choice

Table of Contents



Part One: How This Book Works

Part Two: Strengthening Your Mind

How Perceptions Can Work

Now Let’s Talk About Habits

Your Habits

Mind Muscles

A World of Influence

Part Three: Looking Inside Yourself

Now, Attitude

Knock, Knock! Who’s Really There?

What do youu Like?

Next Up: What or Who Influences You in Your Life Today?

Your Storage Unit (Some Assembly Required)

One Plus One Equals You

So, Who Are You?

And Where Are You Going?

Part Four: Doing Something (Successfully)

Setting Goals

Your Personal List of Possible Actions

Your Action Plan Detail

Part Five: Keeping Track Of It All

Part Six: Failing Can Be a Good Thing

Part Seven: Dealing With Crap

The World Is Ours

Part Eight: “Complacency Cannot Be Tolerated”

Part Nine: Fueling Up

Physical Energy

Mental Energy

Spiritual Energy

Long and Short Term Energy Working Together

Part Ten: Needing Somebody Sometimes

Part Eleven: Sustaining Success Requires Action

Keeping Track / Keeping Score

Your Money

Fixed Expenses

Variable Expenses


Moving From Negative to Positive

Credit – The Black Hole

Tracking Your Successes

Slow It All Down

Your Score Card

Part Twelve: Enjoying Your Sweet Success




Table of Contents

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Jack Gallagher

I’m really pleased to bring you my first book, “It’s Your Choice.” I sincerely hope this book helps you progress toward lasting success and real happiness. Remember, quick progress or even slow progress toward your enriched life is still real progress.

Table of Contents January 26, 2014