It’s Your Choice

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    Murray Neill, Colorado

    Excerpts from the reader’s letter written immediately after reading It’s Your Choice:

    ” I really enjoyed your book.  I read a wide variety of books but this is one…that I didn’t want to put down.”

    “…the book is very engaging.  I like your down-to-earth writing style. …it’s like you are talking to the reader.”

    “I think the timing of your book is good for anyone [struggling to be happy].”

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    “As opposed to defining success for you Jack Gallagher’s book “It’s Your Choice” provides a thoughtful guide to finding your own unique path to happiness and fulfillment. Just like Jack himself, the book is at times tough but fair, kind but demanding, and most importantly genuine in purpose. Jack shares his own journey, and  will help you on the journey to becoming the best possible version of yourself.”

    Mike Goonewardene, Vice President and General Manager, Stericycle International

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    Robin O. Grady, author


    “It’s Your Choice” is a practical book filled with tools and strategies to begin transforming your life from the inside out. From strengthening your mind to building a sustainable financial plan, this book can help you get from Point A – where you are, to Point B – where you want to go. This book is for anyone wanting more satisfaction in their personal and professional lives!



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Jack Gallagher

I’m really pleased to bring you my first book, “It’s Your Choice.” I sincerely hope this book helps you progress toward lasting success and real happiness. Remember, quick progress or even slow progress toward your enriched life is still real progress.

Reviews January 26, 2014