It’s Your Choice

“NOW” DOESN’T EXIST August 11, 2016

If you think about the concept of “Now” you quickly realize there is no such thing in any practical sense.  “Now” is too fleeting; too short.  As soon as you say “Now” it is over, gone.  Suddenly you are thrust into the future and the prior “Now” is simply in the past.  So what, you may say.  It means that everything, and I do mean everything, is moving.  Some things move more slowly than others but all things are in some sort of transition, including time itself.

For a practical application:  To live means to be moving constantly into the future.  Your past is gone.  Sure, it may have set you in a particular direction but you are moving.  So you get to decide in what direction but only if you’re aware that you are moving and do have some control over your movements.  Another way to put it:  Get off your ass and get going.  It’s Your Choice!

Join the world and make things happen!  It’s Our Choice as much as It’s Our Nature.

Change is all around us if we just look.

Change is all around us if we just look.



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Jack Gallagher

I’m really pleased to bring you my first book, “It’s Your Choice.” I sincerely hope this book helps you progress toward lasting success and real happiness. Remember, quick progress or even slow progress toward your enriched life is still real progress.

“NOW” DOESN’T EXIST August 11, 2016