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GENEROSITY PANIC February 11, 2016

The Holidays are now over and spring is in the air.  So, before I start working in the yard, here’s my panicky story of a special Christmas.

Last fall my wife and I decided to remodel our office.  New colors, drapes, furniture, flooring, the works!  Since we also had a lot of clutter accumulated we decided to clean up and donate a bunch of stuff.  I was also cleaning out a rented storage unit which included all our Christmas stuff; namely our tree (artificial), ornaments, decorations, and a box of Christmas wrapping paper, bows, tags, and all that kind of stuff.

Called St Vincent DePaul to come get the big stuff, which they did.  This was November or so.

Now it’s only a few days before Christmas.  One of our traditions is that our children and their families come over for the day, help decorate the house, have a good family meal together and, then, put up the tree and let the grandchildren decorate it.  Aw, the memories each year.  Dinner’s now over and it’s time to put up the tree for the children.  Can’t find it!  Anywhere!  After everybody searched, we concluded it was gone.  Now this was a fairly expensive tree we just bought a couple years ago.   It must have gone the way of the donated goods so while everyone else was doing up dishes from dinner I ran to St Vincent DePaul’s to see if by chance it was in their shop.  No such luck.  In fact, they didn’t have any trees as it was now so close to Christmas.  Family is waiting.  I run to the closest open store – Walmart.  Found only little trees left and bought one for $20.

No, not quite the nice tree we had.  Actually, kind of scrawny looking.  But we got it up, the kids decorated it and that was that.  Somebody got a good deal I hope.  Oh, and later we also discovered (a day before Christmas) all our wrapping paper was gone too.

Here’s the morale:  It’s good to help others but keep your cool when you discover you gave more than intended.  Ha!  It’s good to laugh when there is nothing you can do but either get upset or go with it.  I was pissed at first but, Christmas turned out to be great.  It’s not about “what.”  It’s all about “who.”




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GENEROSITY PANIC February 11, 2016