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COVERED IN MUD October 29, 2014

I recently met a young woman who is working in my crawl space.  Sound crazy?  Yeah, it kind of is.  So here’s the story.

We recently discovered we have water in our crawl space – a lot of water.  Not good.  Called a company that specializes in crawl spaces.  Yeah, there are such people.  He shows up.  Assesses the situation and offers a solution.  And a price.  Ok.  I have to wait a month for him to do the work because he is that busy.  I have alternatives but I like the solution this guy offers and he has a great reputation.  Ok again.  We wait.

Last Monday his crew of very young people shows up with him.  And down they go into the crawl space.  Now the access is right in my office where I write these blogs and do lots of other work.  So I’m sitting right next to these young people.  They pop their heads up every now and then with their miners’ lights on their foreheads.  They are literally covered in mud.

They crawl around in the mud.  They dig out trenches by water, carry in gravel by hand in buckets, then lay pipe and dig out a sump pump for me.  Three days of this.

Now, here’s the point.  One of them is the young woman I mentioned.  As she popped up through the access once I commented on how tough and dirty this job is.  She simply smiled and said, “It’s work and I’m glad to have it.”

What a great attitude!  How many of us would be willing to crawl in the mud under somebody’s house and be happy to have the work?  I’d hire her in a heartbeat.  Wouldn’t you?




  1. Beverly Kincaid

    That girl in the crawl space has the right attitude, and often attitude is everything. I bet she won’t be working in crawl spaces for long because her attitude will carry her a long ways.


    • Jack Gallagher

      The whole crew was just like her – all smiles and really working hard. She told me she quit her previous job (a much easier one) because the boss was a jerk. Her new boss is kind and takes care of his staff. Proves once again that employees tend to quit bosses; not the jobs.

      Thanks for you comment.


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Jack Gallagher

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COVERED IN MUD October 29, 2014