It’s Your Choice

BOILING FROGS August 3, 2014

We seem to use frogs for a lot of experiments.  We learn lessons for our lives from them.  Maybe that’s partly why they are disappearing.  Anyway, one experiment I’ve been told about repeatedly is that if you drop a frog into a pot of boiling water it will immediately feel the heat and jump out.  On the other hand, if you put it into a pot of cold water it will swim around happy as a…well…a frog in water.

Now comes the human lesson.  Slowly heat the water and the frog will not jump out.  He will not notice the change and, eventually, sadly, he will succumb and be boiled without ever attempting to jump out of the pot.  Are we similar?  When we are subjected to changes slowly do we fail to notice?  Yeah, in most cases, we probably don’t notice and just go along with it all.

When we do go along without noticing we also fail to make a choice on our own.  Do we really want to go along?  Do we accept the change?  Is the change better?  Most often we don’t even ask; especially when some authority tells us the change is good.

If you want to be your own person, take a look around and note 5 things that are very different in your world; things that changed in just the last five years.  Did you even notice?

You can take control of your life and live it the way you want to but you really have to be aware of what’s happening and take some time to make your choice.  I wish more people did.



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Jack Gallagher

I’m really pleased to bring you my first book, “It’s Your Choice.” I sincerely hope this book helps you progress toward lasting success and real happiness. Remember, quick progress or even slow progress toward your enriched life is still real progress.

BOILING FROGS August 3, 2014